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lhlrd happened to touch lhe trunk and salely, there are sperific ls.-ues lhal lhls damage occur?" wlll often he
qulckly concluded that lhe elephnnl rnnsl be eonsldered befum we can answezzd based on our perspeehyes
was llke a snake. The fourth reached arnve at (ommun sohrllons. ralher Lhan lhe laels

dovm and touched a knee. ’’II is elear

Enough, ‘hi deppmm N my mud‘ mm some say al lead we have people It rs hnrnan nanrre lo dlsagree, In

a pm," he mi The fifth mm who salon; in the table wnh us now And pnrl because we see lhrngs or protrssa
“mhed an my md “ WM BMW whlle lhal may he lrue. unromrnalely lninrmatlon drllerenllyjlrars why we
‘hat the elephant was my much ME a rnany hrnes lhey nren t Lhe people who renrl dlffnmnlly. so lhe nrrlge of our
in Tim M,‘ pmwmd to ‘em an M drsagree wnh us. we are shll slrogglrng oharaeler rs nol}how nie see llnnghs, but
mngmg ml and concluded mm ‘hi In I e an ui hslenrng lo nndersland ant: uur reaenon lo ow ol ers vrew ern.
elephant la very much llke a mlve 50 m-".°d‘" b°“"“.‘E '" I9.” "my ‘M5’ °'" l-erhaps lhe grealesl ludge of our

the an men argneel lend and lnnlea each d'““g‘“"‘°“‘“ “"3 d“‘“5“°“b‘°‘ oharaeler and leadership slnlls as how
cenvtnced that he Wm night The munlnpallues wlll have dmerenl we've learned lo llslen lo anolher's
The ghmmng in the mmym mm per.-peelryes than lhe exeavalors polnl of view wnhonl thinking we
Mflkmd the mid‘, who lama out of wurklng In thelr erlres. The cunlracl are absululely nghl and lhal lhey are
hi’. palm and ‘N ppm “X quamling localllns wlll E1121;/E perlspeenvesélra; do ahsohrlely wrong}

men ”5tDlel” he Called down tn them: M‘ a :3" W" [:12 '"'."5 ‘ “N111 a,’ I , It ls vllal lor slakeholders lo slop
en-nrnandtng their attennon» "The °f°’.“ ‘“}‘dP’°“° T‘ “‘ ““_.g” 5"“ shonnng in lhe eonnyards, board
elephant 1» a big a-nmnlr each man ‘’ “".“*‘ °.“°‘ ‘“ 2 ‘“‘° ‘°“”‘ ““‘‘°“ mums and rneellng halls so as to
tvnnhed only one lvnrt- Therefmer each ‘M d'fi.'°§‘"'“ 2"“}:’""'“.ed by ""1. recognize lhe value of hslenlng lo am:
of yen are Partly In the night and all are “’“‘°’ “_}"“‘“"‘°’ W fg d“"5‘“"‘.‘“L‘ zmotl\ez'~' polnl of view ln order lo pol
in lhe wrong. ln order to ondersland Dee-In ~ Dntlng an > “EEl'P°l“‘ll“E an ‘hi Pam paged”

Wm an Elephant E “Q you mm pm usually lead to nolhrng but addnronal >

an the Pam mg2‘hu,. prohlerns. whal does T fair and effecmlrz dkallxrgjz

_ _ _ _ _ preoennon aw or program oo r e.

we agme Mm the “jam Pmpemvz ll seerns llke alrnosl all slalreholders we my mm know ‘E W mp Om
nnel laeheve that Wotluns together i~' “E” “W 1“m;g2°d(}°" ' i3:lEPL§"".°"E’ bllndfolds on and lobby for our own
made po.-srlale by n wrlhngness lo srl W ‘"g“‘“t% P“ "“ ?“E ‘ ° "X pm“. of vigwl

down logelher lo heller ondersland hlln<l men ltkely won t hell> lanns

‘hi Dd“ pmm,‘ pmpmim WW6 about a wlutlon. None are as hhnd as lhey who wlll not
we all have a common goal of wnrklng Mung the q.,e,.l.,,,,, uwlw did  I

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«mu llolm amrlisillll ln ' ( 'A I J J 4 I )
83.5%. ulnlllmllers _ .  2 - ; '.
all: axcavalols. . ~ v- , 1 ‘ll § ‘
l.;H. 31$ hill: 9 -.:
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