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H 2020! or tor... Iacubl
lot happened last year — hnt August “L one Pm“ was kfllgd‘ eventiially, final reports will he issiied.
':t was alrelalivillz 532 vear] G PEOPIG Wm hospitaliled and 75 ivetv regiilations may or may not i-esnlt.
12;at;;P:;j;;m S:me‘§§;d -gesidents evacuated. This imtiei-ta- Invesligations taire tine. Investigators
(NTW ml mils“ med MD yi Elm line had an electric iiashvveided seain wan, to get ,1 *’rig}“" and ml ,0 mid
mam: lyim a 2-izimh Mmfailn as and was coated with mal tar hula as or ;u,_m, md,m,S_ Gum wha‘? we ALL
inain at the connection to a 4—incE rnain Janna”/1v"?°2°' 13,5-B had not mleasgd ‘"31"’ ’"‘5‘“1‘°" W“ “Y °" d‘’ ‘'‘‘"g‘
an re irnina n in s. - - -
(both Plastic) was damaged by 3 [hm y  try it Ihatl; rilwe had]; teldeTi;ver agarn WE‘ ‘
party  installing a fiheroplic ohvigusiv. there were many other 5;?“ e wvggygmj;-) E “me ‘am °*
cable in san Frantisco. The leak canght Pipeline eendems m zms» 1 dwee these 3‘ '
hi-e hiit there were no injuries. There two because they were the two ineked The hettorn line — Iry to do things so
was an evacuation and service to several by the NT 53- Both e-yield have been that you wonld not feel iincornieriahle
hnndred cnsterners was temporarily m-eh woree. That sa-d_. the loss of explaining wiiat happened to a juxy or e
ciirtailed. Second‘ a 3o—inch—diameIer even use 1-fen-ls en;-eeth-Kg tnhetliheuld even worse — to yD|Ir inothervi
iiatiiral gas transmission pipeline never 9 E0" 0519 » ‘V 3‘, ° 1 959 ‘Wt’ . . .
i-iiptnred and canght are ahont 35 miles are-d_ents have meemmen? 0_ne i_ves_ 0?? 5"‘ ‘° W“ W'‘’‘ ""M5A= A"°"‘
southwest of Lexington. Kentucky on relatively smau diameter plastic iniae -n ""5 I--we lee‘  PHMSA """°“,°d
a city. the other was large diameter steel a11themsi2ertm_n pmtneols from 11%
PM in , relauvely tveh site and switched, for all practical
rural ma. -pi“ pnrpeses, is what had heeti termed an
only mmmm “iiitegt-ated inspection’ (IA) process.
aiz,,,a,m (3, lgast i have heen involved ina niirnher
G ,5 [Br 35 wa know of these "new" [A exercise]: over the
I ' now) are that hoth past year- _In my persona -3p-nm_n.
Envnlved mm] Pliltlsh missed the hoat with this
Wm, ,,pA,,,,,NG ACADEM, gas and imp decision. The [A process is a LOT
_.m,,E_a 3,, 5,9; more work tor heth the inspectors and
, I one ,,,,,E,. m,,,mm the pipeline operator-s. i have not seen
W aiz,.,a,1., NOBODY any meanlnfgffil improvement In the
_ and i do mm outcomes D t e inspections. Jtist lny
, L ,v(,a0Dv_is 
“PPY ‘hm ‘hm with respect In riilernalrings. the
t events °<<““‘e='> Hazardous Liquid hiilernalring and
-[ha N1-53 ma the iirst pertionot the Gas "Mega
____,> Pipgling and Rule" were pnhirshed. Ecilh take efiect
, Hmmm nextlulynsl. There is more tocoine
  CK  aw  yr >AlNH( Mmmls Sam mgmpng the .3“ Mega pm mo
, \ 4 p Ad,.,;,,;5.,a.;c.,1 not envy the Gas Pipeline Advisory
_e y ‘ -3! (pHM]5A, tut committee terms) or PHMSA.
' '5 °°'“P 9"‘ 9"‘ Finally: with respect to |‘Ea\IlhD|‘i1.alicIna
A‘ M‘ g at §nVe5_"%e“°"5 3"“ rest assiired that there will he hearings,
I 3 ldenufv W 0* PHMSA will he reaiithorited and that
'“°" “°°‘ °=_*“5*3 pipelines will centinne to he i-egniated
      \( ;.,,. mt, _.mda,1. by PHMSA and PHMSA3 SW Pmnm
(PHMSA has a lot
. u ‘l ' , h i h - ii
88s_88Z_8777 ll';CIlE:hI]l:ail;:i\!£:n‘s nti next Ilmz e sa 2 am t eie .
inf0@ulaSearCh.C0m % woRK5MAfiTEfil ?hl;(‘1,‘Ey M V _
www.utaSear(h.(om investigating) and ’f""' ’“‘°’” ""’“'/"”” MM”
Liar qitcstiims or cizmmintts, entail
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