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Tom Taylor
The first edition of the West Virginia 811 magazine in 2022 reminds us of how important it is to dig safely! I was recently reminded that when the call to 811 is made, damages occur less than one (1) percent of the time. A special thanks to all the excavators, locators and utility owner/operators who continue to work tirelessly for the safety and protection of our communities and families.
And the challenges of keeping up with workloads will be amplified over the next four to five years, in part due to H.R. 3684, the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, the landmark bipartisan infrastructure bill passed by Congress. I recently read that West Virginia has earmarked for infrastructure construction for water $487M; for highways $3B; for bridges $506M and for broadband $100M. Yes, that’s right these amounts are for infrastructure spending just in West Virginia over the next 5 years.
The challenges aren’t just staffing up to keep up, it is having a strong damage prevention program that can and will hold all of us accountable. I think the good news is that West Virginia is in pretty good shape as it relates to a fair and effective damage prevention program.
This magazine will continue to keep you informed of the changes and challenges that will surely come our way as the result of imposed timelines, differences in perspectives and dealing with frustrations that come about in just getting the jobs done.
On another note, let me remind you of the 43rd annual West Virginia Construction & Design Exposition (EXPO) will be held March 23-24, 2022, at the Charleston Coliseum and Convention Center. As you probably know, this event is the region’s largest trade show of its kind. If you plan to attend this year’s event, be sure to come to West Virginia 811’s booth and visit with us.
I want to take a moment to thank all the supporters of the magazine. Your continued support through advertising helps make it possible to have a high level of communication with the damage prevention industry like we’ve never experienced before. We hope you find value by advertising in the magazine. As a reminder the magazine is sent out to the users and members of West Virginia 811. It includes mayors, county and state road departments, members and excavators routinely working in our communities.
Thanks for all you do and until next time, dig safely!
Tom Taylor Executive Director West Virginia 811
2022, Issue 1
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