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p'p I‘ ' I t d

Look for these signs

1. Located near roads.

railroads and along the

pipeline right-of-way M

‘ ,

2. Marker for plpellne l

patrol planes :

3. Pipeline casing vent

4. Painted metal, plastic '

or fiberglass posts
one alllie grzalnsl single eliallenges to sale pipeline Even if you cause what appears to he only minor daniaze
opeialians is ilie accidental damage caused lsy excavation, m the pipeline. immediately nc-iiiy ilne plpkline company.
eonsu-uenon. la.-ming aclivitizsa or zven lioineownei A gouge. serape- dent or erease ta the pipe 0-‘ seating niay
mm.,miDn and ,,_a,m,am_ Mm you dig 0,. m.,Vm cause a iunue |‘\I|‘llu!G or leak. ii is critical that a cut or
Contact the onecall Center by simply dialing Sn (min hraken tracer wire he reliai-‘ed it is imperative that the
anywhere in the Unilnd States. Please call bzfnre you pipeline awnt--' inspeets and repairs any damage to the
slarl your project‘ whether landscaping, building lenees line or relaxed apparams- Many states have laws requiring
or perfonning a major eonsmielion project. Pipeline damages ta he reported ia the facility owner andrar the
eonipanies and Dlhér ulililics will mark Khl‘ location of 0-ieCa1lce-uer by dialing En De net attempt to make
their lines al ne EDS! lo yL7lI.I"ipe1inz and utility markers the repairs ta the line yonrselh ll a line is n-pture-l or
may nai show llie exael localion el ilie buried lines. when leaking eall 9u- Contact the pipeline so-nliany as eiuiehll’
excavating near pipelines, many eempanies will require as lwssihln Pipeline marker signs show the pipeline
thal iliey have a pipeline company xepxaselltatlvn ansiie to Company s name» enierzeney telephone nun-her and
inspeel and pmleel ilie underground pipeline. Failurn to pipeline contents-
call Sn Lefuxc excavation is the leading cause of damages to
buried pipelines. one siniple call can hzlp keep yuu cut of commas o~ PAGEIA
harms way.

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