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High Consequence Areas ln aeea.-elanee nieln ‘ l

leaeeal regulations. SDXIIC ai-eas nea.- pipelines haw.‘ laeen ‘ .
designated as Ulgh (:e.nseepieneeAe-eas. Fal' ‘ ' Before YOU dig,
si.pple.neneal hazard assessment and pl'L‘\cmion programs . .
knoun as lneeg.-ie, Management Programs liaye heen developed. . “ l .  

if a pipeline opcramx'1was Ulgh Uollscqucllcc Armsa inlm-inaeion u
about these plans may lae available Ilwrflugh eliei.- company: | :-

\\cl:-site or by contacting elie ope.-aeees eoepeeale officcs. - pipeline sateiv Sums
Tleeee is a wide range of products [|'fl\C1iHg Ihmugll elie __ 1mm the mound up-
thousands ofmilcs of pipelines. cvcxyillillg ii-inn gas to.-

your ea.- (0 oxygfin for linspieals. Many of these prorhlcls ean

lie highly flammal:-lc. liannlnl ilinlialeel. eaeise ('3: or skin

irrllalion or possibly eanse elillienle, hrcalhillg. Some of the

.naeeeials could eanse cnviranmcmal damage. Because of these 2

pneeneial lwslzarrlsa ii is nnpen-eane lne our neighbors to lae able to . “Wm ml W mm
.-eengniee a pipeline leak. W, ,,,E_ M “,9 ,a,,,_
Can Owners Build or Dig on a Right-Of- ' ' ' “" "“"' 
Way? pipeline |‘lghlS'0['\Vdy must lae kepl r.-ee from WWW W
se.-neen.-es anel olhcr obslrllcllolls lo provlflc aeeess lo elee ‘ '
pipelmefiu mnlrxrelxmlcca as WC” as in elie event of an

CmL‘|‘gCflCy. lla pipeline crosses your propcrlya please do not

plane ieees or large shrubs on line l'ig1w(—o[—\vay. Do not fllg. 311

huilda sense or plaee anylliing on or near llie e-iglnes—oleway <0? 
uilhoul first havlng lhc pipeline company: pe.-snnnel niaek the  a “ a ,
pipeline or seake elie rlgh(s—o[—\vay and cxplaln elie company:

conswllcllon anel easenienl eeepiii-enienls to you.

We Need Your Help The naeinns inr.-ase.-nelui-es.

including pipelines. arc a inaeeee of national seeue-iey. ll you 0 - kl - _

uilncss suspiclous acnvity an a pipeline n'igI1I—of—v\'a),: please I. I" 1" "‘_‘

report ie Io (hc appropriate alllhorllics as soon as possihlca or " ll;llllil;_»,vs

you .nay eall lhc pipeline ape.-alees nllmhcrs. -l-lneeae advisories O . . . .. ,
.nay he ieiinel al elie oepaeeenene of umnelanel seen.-ieys wchslm 0‘ ( "1 1)“ *l“"(‘
ll/xlrxl/.41/xx.g17I//{I11ipubllc. N )

. . . . W

National Pipeline Mapping Sgstem For ()NIfl
information alaoiil pipelines operating in your area. you 1’ 1 u

may eoneaee elie Nalional Pipeline Mappmg syseeni (NPMS). ( 1\ 141413] )
-rlns dalahasc nl pipeline epei-aeo.-s and the location of lhclr H .

lines was designed for lhc public [0 haw: aeeess to Contact . _ ’ ;
inin.-enalinn for pipeline cmnpanlcs opcraling in your a.-e. This ;s. e ‘ \ ‘V’ 1-: 2
inio.-enaliniiean befoundellwxl/ll/Ilplrlxplmlxnrlolgol/.Vlsit fel ~ . -K .' ,4“ , 
weleenplinesn.e1ae.geegnlnnlesplnnsn/efiees/e,$eespepe_leaeessn/esp for . ,  _v i. ii} if‘. ' ‘
morc inlennaeion. I-or inre..-enalinn on safe cxcahinolla go onllnc d / g, [ ln } n_ ‘e I _

and \isil ll/ll/ll/rantm0n_ql'mmclulllarlcacam. V‘ -- _E! u ‘ , 
Awareness is elie kcylop|'c\'cl1(lng pipeline accldcms. \hu ean “ ‘F ‘
contribute to elne salee, and sccllrily 0[)0|lr llclgllhorllood liy Kmmmm 5'!
knouing wine.-e pipelines are, and knowing ho“ to rcL‘ogni1.c . .- ¢;au......,....,
ei.iai.llien-izea aclivliy or signs of a lcaka as well as ho“ to -e _

respond in elie ease ofa pipeline accidcnl.l‘ipc1inc eenipanies N‘ ppp.-\~ 1. mpg
ee.nnnne to seen-e lo lae good .ieiglilien-s. and inse like any good I '

Ilclghharllood waeeli program. nclghhors look nne for eaeln _

olhcr. Join in nilln elne pipeline compalucs Io keep our families KINDER///MORGAN

sale. Q;

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