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eleorne eo else iii-se edieion oi elne Wes: Virginia En Magazine [or a new
deeadel Tlsanlrs :o elsose of yon wlso have emailed sis in support of the
magazine. A speeial Ilwanks eo all llwz snpponers of Ilwis publicalion lsy

way oi adves-eising. You help malre ie possible :o have a lsigls level of communication
wiels else damage ps-even:ion indnsery across else s:aee. we lsope yon find valne lsy
advenising in the snagazine.

We also hope eo neilize our WV 3:: Magazine :o betler inlorm you as eo exzttly wlsa:
is going on as ie relaees eo :lse enioreemene proeess and/or else npeoming snanges in
lsow Wes: Virginia 3:: opeiaees so elsae yon'll wane eo lseeorne more involved.

Wes: Virginia Eu is always looking for oppos-ennieies eo promo:e sale digging and
ealling Eu before yon dig. This magazine. trade shows and lsilllsoards put ns in
iron: of sealrelsolders inelnding lsomeownees. we reeognize Ilmere is not a single best
way but ie ealres a eosnlsined see oi eools :o elieeeively reaels :lse seaee.

For example, Wes: Virginia Eu had a ealsle se: up prcunclling Sn ae elne Wlseeling
Nailes-s garne ae :lse weslaaneo arena Jannary 29.

we've eoneinned ons- sponsorslsip ol the conserneeion and Design Expo selsednled
for March 25 —2G a: else Charlzston Civic ceneer. llyon plan on allendingthis yeai; l
lsope yonll stop by else wv sn band: and say lsi.

l ean eell you Ihat we're gearing np for the very lsnsy sps-ing digging season. Thanks
in advanee for ealling sn lseioee yon digl

Let ns know lsow we ean improve our serviees for yon.

Toin Taylor
Exeullive Dis-eeeor
Wes: Virginia 3::
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