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iv.-u Virgillirl Ddllldgf |‘n-H-lllinll l 
nloreernenl of wesl Virgini3s dig law is now in loree. Penalties Pwsrfihed by law include»
The West Virginia U-Idz-‘gm-Id Damage Prmnlic-n ~ For rlie firsl violalion 3 respondenl musl eornplele a
Board (WVDPE) appoinlrnenls have Lezn filled, rules ‘rainhlg as dmpmmd gy ‘he WVDPK
lor oper3lion have been adopled and 3 wehsile ere3led.
_ _ V _ ~ A szcond violalion willwin a 5—ye3r period rzsults in

llyou suspeol a violation onlie slales dig law li3s oerurred, you ‘rainhlg as dmpmmd gy ‘he wvmgp and 3 pm up ,0 550,,

o3n report it by going to xl/IA/w.u/ and clicking on the PE, inddmg

AVE icon. Simply all out Ihe forms up1o3d your documenlation _ _ _ _ _ V

and dirk S“hmi(‘ ~ A third ol suhszquenl violalion clccilrrmg wulun 3 5—ye3r

_ _ _ period, llue violator sluall par 3 rivil pen3lly in an 3ruounl set

Enloreealele violations 3s defined |n Ihe law are 3s lollows: by (h? wVDp,3‘ "M in NM 52500 P“. ;,,dd,m,>

~ Excavating whhom a one call 1°C-its ticket ~ lmre WVDPB linds 3 violarion Io be me resull ol gross

. Emmi,,g gpfm 43 ham D, an Eprmm Pam“ mpond ,0 negligenee or willlul or wanlon mismndutt, llre uiol_3lor sli3l1

,1“ [mam fiqugsl oornplele 3 speeialned training and 3 line of up to sa,ooo per

~ Failure to loo3le 3n underground facility
The wesl virgini3 underground Darnage Prevention

~ Failure to loo3le 3n underground facility in lhz rzquired lirne, gum (WVDH3, is lggkslalivgly ‘asked Wm, pmiding CM]

unless 3 good faith 3greernenl between Ihe parlies axislzd ,3n;c,_.CEmEm pm. Violadons 0‘ ,1“ Dig Law pound in WV
code go,/—o—i—n. Tlue WVDPE in-ings logeiluer sl3lre holders
in the underground lasilily rnan3gernenl 3nd ronsu-uolion
induslries Io reduee d3.n3ges In underground laoililies by
individuals who violate Ihe Dig Law.
Board members represeru the Iollowingstakzholders.

,5} ~ Tlue presidenl ollvliss Utility of\VesI Virginia or rlie
;;fi!';L,,~ presidenvs designee;
"‘~’5§ ~ one represenlalive ol llue exr3uaiion, uliliiy. or site
. I oonslrurlion induslry:
‘HIGH 0|‘ 93" NIWL . One reprzsenlalive of us natural  axlratlion
~ Tlue Exzculive Direnor ol Ilwe wesr Virginia Munitipal
Gall 811 or 1-800-245-4848 League  us designee:
I" "S" IIS 3': VlI811.l:IIIIl ~ Tlue Exzculive Direolor ol Ilwe \VesI Virginia Rural waler
Associalion or its designee:
Sate Digging is no ncciugm "Otis .~ep.esea.auve of rue .,3...ral gas transmission or
W mum mm or smnfi dlstnhullon or hazardous ]|q|I|d mduslry,
namauz Prevenllnn Sims mm on: call M EIIc|(! ~ one represenlalive of llue eleclric, e3lole, or
colnlnunicalions induslry:
'3“ ''''''V'' "'1 ~ one reprzsenlalive ol the privalelyrowned watzr and/or
“ Ilallnn Innlni nnlu waslewaler seruiees induslry;
f clulmm Ill Illilitias llavu llusnnlnlua ~ one re resenlaiive of line eneral ulelie; 3nd
P g P
 llnsnmtlmn llarlls . The Chairman onlue wesr Virginia Public Servitz
. my Wm, 93,, Lomnusslon or llie Llwalrmzns designee.

To learn more about the dig l3w 3nd the rules Ihey operale
under, go In xl/u/u/.xl/1/ 5

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