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from the desk of
Tom Taylor
Welcome to another edition of the West Virginia 811 Magazine! We appreciate the feedback from the readers of the magazine. Our board of directors recognizes the importance of keeping our members and users of the system informed and the 811 Magazine serves that purpose. Be sure to check out each issue as we’ll continue to share the latest updates and important information, all designed to keep our West Virginia workers, families and communities safe.
At our last board meeting, we had some changes in leadership. The slate of officers for the upcoming year are as follows: Rich Swiger, President; Carol Costello, Vice President; Arden Swecker, Treasurer; and Steve Thompson, Secretary.
Also, a special thanks for the leadership and service of Courtlandt Smith and Greg Harbour, two members who transitioned off the board.
Of course, August 11 is the natural 811 day recognized by most all in the industry. While schedules have
been disrupted for the past year, West Virginia 811 has planned to celebrate the national safe digging day by setting up at Lowes on August 11, going back to “Live on the Levee” and reminding all attendees of the State Fair of the importance of calling 811. Our plans include setting up a booth during the State Fair scheduled in Lewisburg from August 11 – 21st. Stop by and see us at one of these events!
I might mention that the Paradigm pipeline meetings are fast approaching. They are scheduled to be held beginning September 28 through October 21. The meetings will be virtual again this year. The schedule for each of the meetings is listed in this issue or you can go to to monitor any changes that may occur.
I want to thank the supporters of the magazine. Your continued support through advertising allows us to reach our members and callers with valuable information as it regards the law and just safe digging practices. Thanks for your confidence in us.
The magazine was not created for the homeowner or occasional user of the system, but for those industry professionals who must learn to work together to promote public safety and minimize the disruption of underground utilities. A great way to reach that audience is to become an advertiser or supporter of our magazine. We hope you will consider including support for our damage prevention efforts in your next budget cycle.
Remember to call 811 before you dig! It always been the right thing to do in West Virginia and now it is the law!
Tom Taylor Executive Director West Virginia 811
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