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 What is
Many years ago, I was dealing with medical problems
with my ankle that caused considerable pain when walking. I went to an orthopedist who diagnosed my situation and told me that I had two options. The first was surgery to repair a damaged tendon and four-plus months of recovery wearing
a boot or a cast. The second was that
I could try therapy and avoid surgery altogether. I chose the latter.
The therapist I treated with recommended some exercises to increase range of movement. When I went back for a progress evaluation, I was improved. When asked how I had accomplished that, I told my therapist that I had done what he advised, doing the exercise just as he showed me. He
laughed and asked if I would come and talk to all his patients. He confided in me that most of his patients did not
do the exercises as given and thus did not see much improvement. I question to this day why anyone would go to an “expert”, spend the time there and not follow the recommendations. However, expertise and relying on it can be a tricky situation. I believe that much of
By Joe Igel
 14 • West Virginia 811 2022, Issue 4

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