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Publisher’s Perspective
Those who know me, know how much I value long-time relationships. And in West Virginia, I’ve enjoyed a relationship with the WV811 Board of Directors and their Executive Director, Tom Taylor going back to 2011, when we entered into an agreement to build a website, that began a relationship that has continued until this day. This publication, the West Virginia 811 Magazine began in 2015 as a tool to promote damage prevention and safe digging across the state.
I’ve enjoyed working with Tom Taylor whose stories about West Virginia 811’s beginning were filled with good memories and names we both knew. Tom has served the organization well over the years and is now ready to pass the baton. Recently the WV811 Board of Directors hired Jerry Poage, formerly of USIC in West Virginia to succeed Tom as the Executive Director of the WV811. Currently, they are working together and will until January 1, 2023. At that time Jerry will completely assume the role and Tom will take some much-needed time to catch his breath.
I asked Tom, “Do you have any specific plans after the first of the year?”
His reply was, “I’ll still be around to help West Virginia 811 and Jerry if they need anything from me. I’m proud of the work we’ve done together to promote damage prevention, so I don’t just see me walking away from it. It has been an important part of my life.”
So, congratulations are in order to Tom Taylor for the years and effort he put into West Virginia 811. “Thanks for all you’ve done and for your willingness to help if the call comes.”
And congratulations to Jerry Poage, soon-to-be Executive Director of WV811 for your willingness to assume the responsibility of leading the charge to keep West Virginia a safer place to live and work. I’m looking forward to creating a meaningful and lasting relationship with you as you execute the Board’s plan for the future of damage prevention in West Virginia.
Dig Safely, West Virginia. It’s not just the law, but it’s the right thing to do!
Roger Cox
Publisher, 811 Magazines
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