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Section 4
Directly below the “other” text box is another required field. The Damage Prevention Board wants to know whether
a damage occurred as the result of the alleged violation. The required response is yes or no. If you select no, move down to the section requesting ticket information.
However, if you select yes, meaning that
a damage did occur as a result of the violation, then a drop down menu is displayed asking you to identify the type of utility that was damaged. You will be able to select more than one utility type. Then move to the section requesting ticket information.
Section 5
Section 4
   If you selected no, there was no damage or if you selected yes there was a damage, you are now taken to the section where you identify the ticket number (if known), whether or not the utility is a member
of WV 811 and the date and time of the violation (if known).
Section 6
Section 5
 This section is arguably the most critical section. First, fill in the information that identifies the location of the violation. Following that, take a look at the section that allows you to “upload photos and/or other documentary evidence.” Uploading
a PDF or photo is really quite simple. Just click on the “File Upload” button and select the document(s) or photo(s) from your computer or phone that you want to submit and upload.
Submitting Complaint Forms without any supporting documentation and/or photos will likely end in no violation and a lot of frustration. The more documentation you provide to support your alleged violation, the better your position. You can upload photos, documents, sketches, police reports, etc... any documentation that you think will prove your case conclusively.
Any photos submitted will be even more effective if they are date and time stamped and helps tell the story of the violation.
Finally, once the Complaint Form is received, the enforcement process begins as outlined in the rules and procedures of the Damage Prevention Board.
For more information about the Complaint Form or the enforcement process, you may contact the Board at wvdamageprevention@
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