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Next are five (5) types of alleged violations under the heading of “Type of Alleged Violation.” As this is a required field, you must check one of the boxes listed below.
1. Excavating without a one call locate ticket
2. Excavating early
3. Failure to locate underground
4. Did not locate facility in the required time
5. Other (include below)
If you select “other,” it is important you clearly describe the alleged violation
in the text box immediately below. Remember, a violation can occur without a damage and it is possible to have a damage where no violation has occurred.
Section 2
 Section 2
The next section of the form then requests you to enter the person or company and their contact information (if known) that committed the
alleged violation. It is critical in the investigation process and in the penalty phase of the enforcement to know who the alleged violator is and some contact information for them.
Submitting AVRs without any supporting documentation and/or photos will likely end in no violation and a lot of frustration.
Section 3
Section 3
2023, Issue 1
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