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You Be the Judge!
e ]u~'I eoinpleied ihe
lfingg3[ u_s fgdgml should be P9"“““E“l-} How many l know lhave been hard on congress
partial governrnenl shutdvwns dc Ye“ think We: the in ihis altlcle. Thai said, the good
shuidown in hislory. People, would see it that were the ease? news is that we in lhe U.S. have (112
laased on the news mpozts, lhere is a Che last she‘ a‘ Cungress * thevfheuld liesl form of governineni in «he world
possibiliry Lhai lhere may be anolher in }?‘“l‘R’hd“’3‘“*"‘° retlremerjtlbeheflts if-d The bad news is ihal we can't even
ihe not-tuo—di~'tnnl iulure ea lhs-Hence opt-or-~ t rat t e re~t get along with ourselves even lhough
, at the lrevulatwn enwys and Dbey the we are all hypoihelieally all seeking lo

Wm‘ }‘“PP*“’ d“““E “ ‘}‘“‘“‘°""“7 same laws iinprove while saiely should never lie
"N  l‘l”fd .l l .- ' ’ ’. .
,m;::;f‘:‘;_'“‘Nh:l  ‘:j; whai does this have lo do wiLh safety?  Sfeggress
depenrls. Generally, it is an unpaid 1"" ‘hm We 8°95 0“ eve“ d“"“$ " am,‘ dc it at am, V V

leave orabsenee. sorne iederal agencies government shutdown The famous ‘

(e.g, TSA) required Lhelr BTW — The PHMSA’s
ernployees work wilhoiii pay. lx cas Pipeline Advlsnry
sorne iederal einployees <e.g., ~_ coaiiniiiees (<:PAc's)
Air Traffic conirollers) are ' ,“,_.. lalesl ruund ui hearings
required by law lo contlnue _ . :\_ ‘T '_ IA regarrling proposerl

to work even ihough lhey _ ,.,,/,  — 3‘ A .3 ._,‘ i 1,. W ‘ ehanges to gas pipeline
are on slnke and not gelling i /‘ Pi  ‘  ' ‘ ‘ saieiy regulations Lhai
pairl For ernployees living .( ,5. ~ . l ‘ mi, ‘1 I _ ‘ \ onglnatzd in Augusl 2011
pay eheek (1: pay check, ihe ‘ 1 ‘ ' _, ..,‘.'l L‘. w‘ 1" ~1 1:; yr‘ 1" iii in were lwstlwned because
g,,p,.,g}, V]ag.and§‘illiS.fl ,,  u - ~—- -~ ~~.e..l, 1 W-_'i_ if-_ i _. .‘;ml‘[ 1 -onhe shuldown and have
major problem. As a iorrner 3 - ‘V’ _ " ’i‘.'. I I I I , — t ‘iii: nnt, as of this writing,
federal employee, l have been _ -‘e~._i_.__ ‘- A i been resehedulerl. can
ihere and done that. It is you say eiieelive in 20207
lxlor iunll The only goorl news is ihal, M! Mu h Y M“ 11 ,~_ Law) NEVER Be mfg out mm” .

invanalily, baek pay and beneiiis (such - rl> 3 I rp y»

as earning vncatlon and sick leave) ‘em a metre" 0' sees an furh>ush- Mm [mm mmfmm PHMSA

are Prevldee‘ eve" *0 these emvlevees ’‘°“‘“““‘‘ °“‘‘ “"""‘“» 1”“ b‘°“““ Far uesmms ar clzlummts mall
who did nol work At leasl Lhe aiieeled Cor-sress Is not eh:-he Its lob am} I MZWSM [ml W t *
ernployees aie, In some excenl, iriacle ‘Ede?! °mPl"%')9!:;/giih as Fl{*A |h‘e:i}ent /7 3 '

Wholz invesagalors, pipe ine sa

inspeelors, OSHA invesiigaiors and

The word that gives ine hearlburn NTSB invesligaiors are ”lo:k£d uul"

 "nonessential " It on employee  does not mean that accldents cannot flllflflflfl
"nonessenlial" and can be iiirloughed and wlll noi happen. Furlherrnore, 
(ie, is locked out from perfunmng ihere is no way that there are enough 5 
iheir jobs unlike TSA einployees and air 1-Egulfl‘Dry pgrgomwl 0; any pmd .., 3

traffic eonlroiiersl during a .-lnndown, be everywhere looking over vourr '9, Hall
Why are they there In the first place? shoulder to lell you lllat iirhai you are +3 
(That was and rs a fhetvncnl questiun ) doing may lie unsaie. Your saiely and g 
in my view, the rirsl people to lose ihe saiely of those around you is YOUR 9-

WY should be every smsle member responsiliiliiyl Please, please, please 3 
DfCong'rE.~'s and all of lheir slaii. They do nui rely on your governrnenl lo dc § 3 3 5 4 9 7 2 1
should all lose pay and beneiiis unlil ihe righi ihing or pruleel you horn your m -

ihe issue is resolverl and Lhai loss own maig_.,..e,.,_ 6 7 2 5 3 ‘ 9 3

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