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as, Michael Dawnes

lwandw-I prartice that would be It required very expensive computers [I1wink: il"ad] in VRI1waIyD\I ean use
dimeiili or iinpossihle so eondusi using and vii seiiips Ihat ivere ieshered so ihe Io reposi io sis. They aren't ahle io
real equipment. eoinpiiien ihrougli a eahlex proeeed iorward on mission unsil ihas
“Vli iraining solniions oaenslie freedom The hardwarzcuYTEnl]y€mPlDy€d by -Sta-nplemi Juslm said-
to fail and use ahiliiy io praeiiee to From she riiiui-e alloivs ilie irainee The simulaiions are Inissionrorienledv
pei-ieeiion lo makz yoii rniieh more so move around freely, and nos he and U12 user eai-ns poinis and is nanlred
reliable at your rule!‘ he said» enenrnhei-ed hy ivh-es and exina based on how aeeui-asely ihey eornpleie
Fm" ‘he mm has hm in Mimi eririiip.ne1.‘iis,f giying more ireedoin and a eaeh 3315:. Thegvhole slung xouldl
ahoiii is years and develops VB modules ‘*3 ""°‘ 99- ‘°“‘l‘d ‘ ‘ “‘ V‘ ‘° 5_"‘“,“~ ‘ ‘ °. "3 '
ioi- indussry—leading eorporaie elienis in “The i,a,.dwm mymnyugy finally Wvr Dulwmes Wmm 5° Emm-
eelds as diverse as ieleeomrnunieaiions, eaughi nip io ihe soisivai-e, and folks "we ai-e essensially ereaiing a classrclcun
1"°5Pi‘3]i‘)’i lmalthcare and who see the value of VR training are envii-onrneni. in [light sraining, you
mam-lecturing Thzir way of training al1—in." he said. inighi have hall an houi- with a iliglii
workers is taking on. due to how instructor talking ahoiii sialls.
tlwmuglw it is- They'll show slides, videos
“The vn training is a rniieh niore F and sham lhw barkgmund

_ , . expenentes. onee ihe tlassroom
rohusi naining rneshodology. , , I I
It eapsui-es ihe aiiension of ihe — P°”‘°" his camp etzs“y_o: gal to |t( re
irainees inueli betlerv wliieh IL-ads ‘“;““r ° Y°‘" 1;” ‘E ‘ C “C” H
to high levels oiengageineni and K 2 I3“ $3“? ‘° F" °"“ »V°‘" 5”‘ 5'
reieiision, ruore zfficiznfyi saieiy and ‘° 5*“ -
pi-odueiiviiyx he said. in iheir systems all or (hat lakes
The mining modulgs that Fmm (he The eornpanys programmens tan‘ plaee in she vii-iual worlds ineliiding thz
mm designs gel addgd ‘O their eussomise eaeh inodiile for siiuaiioiis elassroom poriion. The trainees lreep

. _ _. . . ihai someone rnighs eneounier in ihe sheii- vii equipment on and ai-e ahle
module llh|aI'Vi and she oi iginal elieni . . . . , . .

. ». . . held. And eaeh iiine ihe slmulauon is so see a \’l!1ua1 hlaelrhoard ivisliin she
reeeives ihe ahiliiy to heense ilie sools . , . . . ,
U“, are dmlnped ,0, [mm M i-uni a difiereni seenano ean play oulj sirnnlanon ihai is used (or everyihing

keepmg ii-ainees engaged and on ilieir ii-om proyeesing films so adrninissering
For insianeev ihey are eui-renily soes as well as keeping leai-nens fotused pop quizzzs.
ivonlring lo ereaie a haelrhoe simulator in ii-aining. Throwing ihein a enrve hall A d h h I . h .
ioi- a company. onee ihai si-aining oeeasionally helps. “ ‘ 9 W ° “.‘"‘.‘”: ‘ ° ‘.“““.' “'“‘

, see ivhai eaeh individual is doin and
d l l h d li E

mo u e is aune e .anoi en eoinpany, ,_w _ ‘ k. d ‘ .1 ‘, . 1 I (h , _.
say“ mama" mmpw [WM e eaii eiea eanycir in o_ S|l\l§VlDn aslsis whlen hey‘see]anv issue aiise.
mm mm “W mm and develop it or scznauo or cond |IlDlS§sVlnC ii ing us,l\)V dzn l e S}|:Iiu anon siaiisl. _
iiirihes inio a training sou.-se speeihe W95‘ " °' €‘'‘}“‘‘ :3“ '‘‘‘.’‘}s‘ . . d “F7 .° Y 5”“ ‘I f“; ‘’‘V“ l”_;‘l:“:l.*F’.;°‘°1
to their “Em Tm ‘he mmpany that environrnensa eon iiions. nsiin sai . o zq\I|:pr}l:zn(v w :A|E‘ ivlou e i '0! s
originally fronted ilie invesiirienl for gm of ii“ Eamon; Dfiha hafkhog ‘_° T‘ “_1d‘P]P“‘ '“ "3 ‘Pl’ ’ ‘l‘;““€1:‘“ 3
ilie haelrhoe simulator gess a poision of iraining inodnle ihars currently under ‘_“‘ °‘ F “‘“"?"‘ "_’" ‘ ?°  "5
11“ future licmsing revemm developmens emphasises ihe need to ‘““ Y "°"°‘,°F'°”‘°" 5°"‘!3 3 3‘.

_ V (311 K“ Mme di in antes and you 11 see why VR is malnng
iussin said ihe liai-dware has finally 5% 9 a huge iinpaei in ihe very real world of
eaughs up so ihe eapahiliiies of VR The scenario will ineliide a simulased saieiy sraining. 3
soisivai-e ihai has heen availahle (or can in (pa imi 3,, mm and W

. ~ . Illore X7XfiJY‘ml1It|7n on (he sonipisiiy and
some um-2. or several pre—i-eeorded messages will ,
l for ilie irainee The rniisi reaes "5 "‘7""‘-‘7‘ ‘“" ”‘fi”""’ “’f’f""d‘°S‘
“The ahiliiy to do sliis kind of training 1’ BY . ‘ Y com.
is my recent‘ he said. “VR has been ‘PP"°F"“‘“13' ‘° ”“ "‘““‘€“'
emu-id for a long times and training for "The sis call is pari or she clwetklist.
a eouple of years, hui ii ivasn'i efiicienl. They have a ilas sereen rnohile dzvite
2020 issue 1 west viisiiia 511 . a

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