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V. Directly below the “other" text box is another required Field. The Damage
Prevention Board wants to know whether a damage occurred as the result ot
"w\/DP the alleged violation. The required response is yes or no. it you select yes,
-»—-»-—- a dropdown menu is displayed asking you to identity the type oi utility that
III! AIQUI svnnsv ... i... was damaged»
vi. Youre almost through with the torm but there is some general
. intorniation requested. Ticket number. it known. and ot course we need to
‘“''m V“""""' "9"" F”"'' know the location or the alleged violation.
vii. For the most part, filling out the torm is selt—explanatory. Take a look
--~~-»- at the section that allows you to “upload photos and/or other documentary
evidence." uploading a PDF or photo is really quite simple. Just click on
._,._,_,, the “File upload" button and select the document or phoIo|s) trom your
computer or phone that you want to submit and upload.
..,......m_ VIII. Submitting AVE: without any supporting documentation and/or
photos will lilrely end in no violation and a lot of tiustration. The more
_"___fl____, documentation you provide to support the alleged violation. the hetter your
position. You can upload photos. documents. stretches. police reports. etc...
any documentation that you think will prove your case conclusively.
W ix. Any photos submitted will be even more efiective if they are date and
___"_M time stamped and helps you tell the story oi the violation.
x. And finally, once the AVR is received. the enforcement process begins as
.,_,,,_,_ outlined in the rules and procedures of the Damage Prevention Board. .
""'"”""‘"“' For more intormation about the AVE or the entorcement process, you may
contact the board at It/utiamtzgeyrm/2IxIion@gmtzi1.:am, call 6st—a55—ga4o or
visit the website at tl/II/tl/.wI/dybrorrl and cliclr on the “Rules 4. Procedures"
e.n........-....e....u.. ...... ...._ i....... gum
The Uti|iGuard‘” 2 Utility Lucating System:
All the pioveri peVf0rmanCe—bDoStmg tealuves of the oiigirial
PLUS iritegiated data eaptuie. GPS positioning. and a move
intuitive usei inteitace to! a more confident. doeisivo iooate.
Learn more at subsite.coIn and \  B S I T 
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