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The Pullcy Center
Juksan M5
mug ,1 ,,y,my hm ,hC,.C am You wlll have so or 60 days to get a of the pulrey from the sub OK, he gave
,, g gma of ~D,d they ,,.,,,k toupln of agents lnvulvcd rn imdlng a It to you '1-rm mv-ml}-~ -1so?Nur5do
Mu and uD,d My "my ,, ronnpany for you that wlll euver your new one. There rs no charge tor rhrs. H
,,g1“7~ Today; r,,g},_,Pmg, busrnes-s. Dld l say the rate rs gorng to lr s eallerl a "Ccrllflcalc of lnsuranee.
Inch-dllvcn equlpmcnt rons-tantly ups be h-shew Yes» They know when carh 0"‘?! us“ who Whu can Pf°"d“ “ soud
gm am somnbudytg gonna rm a rm other "n><ll~ the spaee" due to "losses ~ eert l know surnetrmes- ll s awkward.
sarnewlrere, seratelr or slnn a gas lrne, And ye» your lonm W-ll so ul>» Sm E"“’Y°“*‘ 5 ‘" “1‘“"Y“"“‘ "‘"3’b° ‘1‘°
eut surneune's fibu lrne lnsuranee rs abovc—fcwcr playmr mum Profit “"5 W ‘° “W1 °“ Y‘’‘" b“}‘“‘‘ V“
gums tu Pay bu‘ lz"u»~~ u'1u“7Nu><t so, flnn—vou'n: nut runrrrng an Wm 1'"? '3’ 3" "" 'h°}:"“d “"1 1”
you when your Pmm-um~ so “P oud rnsrrraneeeompany, so haw does thrs “g1"'" ‘“‘" ‘.":“""“d,: C mu‘  ,1
you drdnthaue a rlarrn, understand mmyuu, Wluuvu on~Mr~ all C agcncy t at a
that rnsuranee wlll ~pmad out the eost you need la a cm-fit-no un ~'o-;1r-d-so-
or tovcnng folks who were llabln, who Any CSR can do flu» You dun Km‘-1
my Push ‘ht Envelope and Whom _ , _ I , the agent (odds are he ll lmnd l| off to
rnsuranee had a elarrn to pay. And rt ' ‘ . ‘ht who CSK anyway!
deem’! matter where the losses eurne U”: ,.,,b,. who am. ,1, ,3XPmC,,m, ,1,
imm.. rould be Anzuna, Marne or o _ _ , , . ' I . Pu~<5|blE> H you M ,1 Nb’ mm mm
Mumuno» you understand the lueate rnarkrrrgs
Hwy‘ wad dummml dnumg : r E and flag~ and realrze that the nlckcd gas
(HDD)—IhL- romrng mctl\od—mu~( be lrrre wlll blow wrthrn ave yL‘zlIs—unlc~'~
coupled wllh great loeatrrrg The more t _ — , _ , you mil so-ncuno why cun/ will fix It
rerhnreal and laster the nqulpmcnl gets, ’ ‘ Immediately’ Thm -I ~' all good
the groom tlm mud fur mu looutum . . a » , . l heard a rlrsnrssron rerently, "I went
Damage mum: the lmumncu ‘ ' - ’ down livereet and there's nothrng
coml>umv~ to Pay huzo do-mar W-ll there, so I'll go lo-leet, and were good
 coat of dums , a to gel" oh, no. Drreetronal rlrrllrng
» »» y , ean and wlll do some senous damagl:
,,,,mm¢ mm,,fl,,,Q, have H, mm . . ~ lf any lrnes- are (yes') down that far.
a profit, llkc any other lrusrness li Yuu 11'-ever know you hu «hm» =-then
they losr: munuv wnung lhrs land of r b°‘"“‘“ Y"‘" "‘T“‘P"‘““ " ‘°° 3°‘-“L
lrusrness, nrlule euerythrrrg else they ‘ Ulliglmlyv éug-none  go -‘I: ll‘?-uu
eover makes a pmflt, guess what’ They Pro cm an -scuvor L‘ r-u~ o C»
1"“ umply won’! wmc that aoymom \ V , _ __ Today's equrpment rs- designed to get
and W,“ mg you a mm ,aymg dmytm You delirrrtely ean t do lrusrness nutlruut Wm ‘Ob dmgngm MN The bottom
done after a rertarn date, thanks, bye lnsumr-our w yet I112 am cxplos-un hm ,. am you can do ,,,,,',c ,m,,.,,
when M hflppm mmpmm ,0, 3;: ){f*1:’{::§l°*a1f~f'Lf'E;~y:_f1';'n§>t*E':bc‘_*vrc'; ‘tun: darnage nah tlml cqulpmnnl and only
your PY“|"‘“"“ dollar knew rum lower» so rt wlll hrt your bottom lrne. cu ask “ 5‘““"’"’ ‘d"“ ‘“'}‘“‘“ ”‘“ °‘1‘“ ‘"““—"
Several companies "ln the space" makes a ‘mm, and we Whmt, ymppemd to "W “D
comvvuuou Tlm more Comuoum tho‘ therr ratesl Good lorates are errtreal partners wlLh
want to wmv tho kind of rovcmzo yuu , HDD dlllllng cet with your loraturs
nfivcd for  fklnd cf bl|1sll}l1L‘~‘s, the better Tlm mok Ia bung aaicw-mt-~nous and fuyyw, gm, ]udgmL;"L
t e rates-. n ortunate y, t e oppus-rte rs , .
alsu lrue. The fnwcr eompanres wanting  Slofffy lf uvcrytlung -1: Kgrsovu Into‘ h
your buslnmr the hxslmr Pnucu your s-ulaeontrartor's agnm—nol a cnpv ‘“” “““_ ““"°““ ° _ °"’ ““ ‘ ‘
c,_,\,mgC W,” rm — — ever-present darrger ul :rv.y.s~borlng.‘
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