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Part two: The mportance of 0SHA’s General Requirements
ayosna v Dow

A5 diseassed iv: the part 1 ii/the series, iaeikiitg in Irzmhcs and at/zvnfiuris is pafmfinlly one u/the mast h/1zm'dU1A5 types ufaioik in Hie
EUYTSIVIIEIIDII/17111 atility ittdiistiy. Each year, as mt1n_i/ as 400 workers are killed and seiieial lhoiisaitd are iriiiiied /zrmss the us Most Q/Ihcsc
workers hare rerelved nu tiaiitirig, and Hie tieiirltes and erraeatiaits in whirh vllishflps aeeai me relatively shautnu (fire ta 15fccI deep).

The cetteial Rfqllfiemeltfs section o/OSHA’: 29 cm 1925, siinpart P 7 Erraaatioits, addresses 0 niiiiilrei o/"ronimaii seiise ileiiis" related to
tieitrltes and ereiiuations.

URI-‘ACE ENCUMBRANCES 7 edge, waming systems 7 such as systems, bracing, or underpinning may
These are deseribed as telephone barricades, spotters, or stop logs 7 are be required to ensure the stability ui
poles, trees, fire hydrants, street required. these structures, and protect employees.
“$2” :"‘df“'“"l::" °‘f’bd" ‘mi HAZARDOUS ATMOSFHERES 7 LOOSE solL on ROCK 7 spoils and
gutters, an simi ar o ,eets a ,acent to _ _ _ _
. This section ui the OSHA standard equipment must he set baek at least
an excavation They should be removed
. _ is designed to proteet workers fmm two ieet irom the edge of the treneh or

or supported, to insure their stability _ H d ,,b d . ,, C . I d I


UNDERGROUND INSTALLATIONS flammable gases such as methane and ‘NSPECTIONS ZA P‘°"“‘V ‘”‘“E‘‘,,

. . _ _ _ and authorized competent person

7 These include underground utilities nanrral gas, and toxic gases sueli as

_ _ _ . . must inspect the Excavation daily,
sueh as sewer, gas, wnlel, and telephone hydrogen suliide or carbon monoxide. 1 th I n E V k_ d

and eleetric lines. utility eompanies Testing and the use or ventilation P"°’ " 2 ° “ ° ‘W’ '"“ “”

_ . _ _ needed throughout the shirt; and

must be eontacied within established equipment are two of the most fl . 1 d i H (11

or customary local lead times, advised common, and important, methods of 2 °’ '3'” °’"_‘:" ““ ° °'”‘“? gh "
of the proposed work, and asked to addressing hazardous or potentially "gm ":‘°‘fij‘“¥ °f°“"“:“1“‘ k E
establish the location of the utilities hazardous atmospheres. d°“‘Pj ““ _E’’‘’:‘ :T‘“‘ _‘ ff‘ _
pnor to the start of acnial ereavation " '“°‘“  "’° §°d“". ‘V‘ ‘")“ d
Allunderground utilities must i 2 ‘"§.“'‘‘. “";‘5 “”fl;l““
be proteeied, supported, 01 °! -"  33° P;~='_ 9
removed to protect workers. 1 3 t.  
ACCESS tar EGRESS 7 These 1 conditions.

are just iancy words tor getting FALL PROTECHON 7

in or out ui an excavation. walkways W"-h smndfld
Trenches and excavations Less Less . ’ ’

deeper than iour teet mqulrr: é Than j « Than j g““’l“’“"‘_‘“‘ ’“‘T?“""d ‘:’l"“‘_
a means of access and egress. 25 ii. 25 (I. “P °Y'=*~ °‘=fi‘"P"‘°" 7"”

over ereavanons. wells, pits,

Each worker must be within 25 h it I lb b d d
ieet of a ladder, ramp, or stair ” " " ° “d” "‘“” ‘ “"1” °
The means of access and egress ‘" ‘°V°""

must be within a protected area 40 fl Paying close attention to each
VEHICULAR TRAFFIC 7 3‘ me“ ‘"_"’."““"‘_{""““_“"1
workers exposed to lriiffic must . . ““g’“““‘ “"‘“‘“’ "“‘“’

. WATER ACCUMULATION 7 will help insure worker saiety as well
be proinded with, and must wear, E . - .’ ,,
, mployees must not work in trenches as help rontractors and utilities stay
waming vests or other highly visible _ . _ ,, .
. or 2><ci|vatlon~ where there is legal vinth osl—l.A..

g“"“’“‘‘’' 5'5"’ °‘g“““' "“'“““d°" accumulated water or where water

and / or ilagmen may also be required. H Mumulaung “hm adequm Edilt;rs_NfIte This tsfirlht: Zctorid Dffullrv
FALLING LOADS 7 workers are not precautions are taken. If the excavation "L 1‘ ‘Y “S! f":” “'1 15f‘[“_!5-"'95 ‘W’/'1‘
permitted underneath overhead loads. work interrupts the natural flow or f iv-it 516'?" M5 7; M f I ',;f W

in addition, employees must stand suriace water, then diversion ditches, ” 5 " 3“’C‘);"" I “if.” ¥ "— “’ ,
away from equipment being loaded or dikes, or other means may be required P”5°""‘ ”'”_"’.Vr '5 '5 “" “WW”
unloaded irom vehicles. to keep water out "f ‘"9 W/9”’ " ".""””‘5""* ’°}”"”’"’V

(l7v€1'WI('Il7p1L‘Irl /1452 fear ieiatiaeiy strait

WARNING SYSTEMS eon MOBILE ADJACENT STRUCTURES 7 The rirtieles. Com‘l'1u';‘l7l'5 and atimies lrivolwd
EQUIPMENT 7 when equipment stability or sidewalks, streets, adjoining in iirideigiiiiind work KW” weed additieital
is operated near the edge of an buildings, walls, and other structures IVUJIIWIX ta IHSIAVE worker safety.
excavation, and the operator does not can be endangered by excavation

have a elear and direet view of that operation» Specialized shoring

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